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Sexí Spice

Adaptogenic Fermented Hot Sauce


one poetic thread in the resurgence of plant-based resilience during the Great Turning

Oakland / California


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Longevity Elixir

Thousands of years of experimentation have taught us that certain herbs and mushrooms work to keep people healthy. Their super powers are reflected in their names: The Red Reishi is referred to as the “Mushroom of Immortality”. We are mapping out how these plant chemicals work with modern scientific study, but we certainly know they work. Reishi, for example, may help regulate blood sugar, enhance immunity, calm the nervous system and improve the functioning of the lungs. In the late 20th century, Russian scientists began studying the folk medicines with the intent to enhance the adaptive resilience of their people confronted with stress. They wanted their athletes to win Olympic medals, their astronauts to survive space, their soldiers to bounce back from the sleep deprivation, and so on. They found that what the edge people, the healers and folk medicine practitioners and Chinese doctors knew to be true was actually true. Imagine that. The cordyceps mushroom let the runner run more and the Reishi mushroom did calm nerves and improve immune function and so on…. They ran studies on the trusty tonics from the world’s great medicine systems and named them adaptogens.

Adaptogen: a naturally occuring substance that increases the body’s resilience or adaptation to physical, environmental, emotional or biological stressors and promotes normal physiological function.

So, while the old Chinese grandma knows to put reishi and astragalus into the family soup to keep everyone strong, the West stamped out and persecuted the folk medicine over the course of several centuries, from witch burnings to the industrialists like Rockefeller and Carnegie standardizing medicine to extract a profit . Recetas Poetas is part of a resurgence of plant based resilience.

All that is to say, Sexí Spice hot sauce are a yummy form of deep nourishment.


Three Ingredients

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Fermented Chile / Buena Bacteria

No water or vinegar here. I preserve single-variety chiles using the ancient tech-know-logy of wild fermentation. The long, slow process of lacto-acid fermentation gives the sauce of depth and complexity. My sauces ferment for 2 months to 2 years! Fermentation also produces healthy bacteria that help improve digestion, boost immunity, and maintain a healthy weight. After the fermentation period, the juiced is strained out from the chile mash, removing seeds and fibers. Sexí Spice bottle are filled with this vibrant chile juice and extracts of the world’s great tonic botanicals. Chiles are a great longetivity tonic all on their own.


Tonics / Adaptogens

Adaptogens are tonics, natural substances that give a feeling of wellbeing and vitality. I put effective concentrations of these invigorating substances into every teaspoon of Sexí Spice. Adaptogens can create a wide range of beneficial effects in the body, but what we can say is that they increase our resistance to stress!



High quality sea salts: Red Alaea Clay Salt from Hawaii, French Grey Sea Salt, Fine Pacific Salt, Sun dried pyramid shaped salts form over two years on the island of Cyprus. I geek out and match the salt to the chile.


What People Say



"I have to tell you. Last week my energy levels were amazingly high and my libido was through the roof. I wondered what was happening, and then I realized: it must be the sauce! I was like vrroom!"

Jared, boyfriend

"Yeah, that was a really hard week for me. I was like what has gotten into this guy?"

Brooke, girlfriend

Lightness of Being

"You guys you have to try this sauce. It gives me lucid dreams."



"I feel open, expansive, high and floating."

Dan, Artisan Chocolatier of Coracao Confections


"You know after I gave that sauce to my dad, he does seem calmer."



Artisan Quality

"I would mop the floor with those sauces compared to Sexí Spice. "

Carlos, Peruvian Chef, Pucquio Restaurant


"No other hot sauce will never be the same."

Dave, serious hot sauce enthusiast