Sexí Spice
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fermented hot sauce with adaptogens & medicinal mushrooms

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Sexí Spice combines the longevity promoting chile

with the world's most esteemed adaptogens.


The ancients call them superior herbs, modern science calls adaptogens.

When consumed regularly they build your vital energy & help your spirit shine.

You get a tonic dose

every time you spice up your food.


energizing tonic condiments


No vinegar, no water, no junk


Looking for a no sugar hot sauce? Welcome home pilgrim.

Not only sugar free, but sweetener free.

There is some evidence that chiles may even help control blood sugar. Many of the adaptogens help normalize blood sugar as well. What a tasty ally for your food.


No animal products whatsoever.

Well, uh, we should say cordyceps, which is a medicinal mushroom we use in some of our sauces, is a parasitic mushroom that eats and grows from catapillars... The cordyceps strain we use has been isolated and is grown on other medium. So none of our sauces have animal products.




All of our chiles are grown by local organic farmers, and we pay them well for their hard work and care.

Non-organic chiles contain high levels of pesticide residue which "may induce adverse health effects including cancer, effects on reproduction, immune or nervous systems," says the World Health Organization.



Sexí Spice hot sauce is fermented and remains probiotic because it is never cooked and no vinegar is added. Help diversify your intestinal flora with fermented foods. Fermenting creates a community of healthy bacteria that helps support heathly digestive function.


What People Say



"I have to tell you. Last week my energy levels were amazingly high and my libido was through the roof. I wondered what was happening, and then I realized: it must be the sauce! I was like vrroom!" 

Jared, boyfriend

"Yeah, that was a really hard week for me. I was like what has gotten into this guy?"

Brooke, girlfriend

Lightness of Being

"You guys you have to try this sauce. It gives me lucid dreams."



"I feel open, expansive, high and floating."

Dan, Artisan Chocolatier of Coracao Confections


"You know after I gave that sauce to my dad, he does seem calmer."



Artisan Quality

"I would mop the floor with those sauces compared to Sexí Spice. "

Carlos, Peruvian Chef, Pucquio Restaurant


"No other hot sauce will never be the same."
Dave, serious hot sauce enthusiast




a project of  Recetas poetas

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