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Fermented Hot Sauce with Tonic Botanicals


The Idea

Certain herbs and mushrooms can improve immune function, tonify key organs, and reduce stress. In traditional plant based medicine systems they were known as rejuvenative (rasayana) tonics. We put them into your favorite condiment, so you can spice up your food, add the depth and health enhancing bacteria of a fermented food, and reap the tonifying benefits of adaptogens. With just one teaspoon.


The (3) Ingredients

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Fermented Chil

We preserve single variety chiles using the ancient tech-know-logy of wild fermentation. This gives a world of depth and complexity to the sauces that vinegar based sauce just don’t have. The Japanese call it umami. Fermentation also produces healthy bacteria that help improve digestion, boost immunity, and maintain a healthy weight.


Tonic Adaptogens

Adaptogens are tonics, natural substances that give a feeling of wellbeing and vitality. I put effective concentrations of these invigorating substances into every teaspoon of Sexí Spice. Adaptogens can create a wide range of beneficial effects in the body, but what we can say is that they increase our resistance to stress!



So far we have Acidic flavors from the chiles and from the fermenation, Umami from the fermentation, Spicy or pungent from the chiles and then of course Salt. That means in one sauce you have 4 of the 5 or 6 most important flavors for a great dish. We use the highest quality sea salts available.

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What People Say



"I have to tell you. Last week my energy levels were amazingly high and my libido was through the roof. I wondered what was happening, and then I realized: it must be the sauce! I was like vrroom!"

Jared, boyfriend

"Yeah, that was a really hard week for me. I was like what has gotten into this guy?"

Brooke, girlfriend

Lightness of Being

"You guys you have to try this sauce. It gives me lucid dreams."



"I feel open, expansive, high and floating."

Dan, Artisan Chocolatier of Coracao Confections


"You know after I gave that sauce to my dad, he does seem calmer."



Artisan Quality

"I would mop the floor with those sauces compared to Sexí Spice. "

Carlos, Peruvian Chef, Pucquio Restaurant


"No other hot sauce will never be the same."

Dave, serious hot sauce enthusiast