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Story of Origins


A young jedi sat at the feet of the masters learning the arts of plant medicine.

One class of these healing herbs the ancients called superior–superior for their powerful life-enhancing benefits. Modern scientists called them adaptogens for they help us adapt and be resilient in the face of stress.

The masters of the great medical systems of the world emphasize the promotion of health over the elimination of disease. Plant based medical systems like Ayurveda of India and Traditional Chinese Medicine identified elite plants and mushrooms that promote excellent health, long life and spiritual development.


People in other parts of the world re-member the arts of preparing food and drink with these special allies as part of their daily living.


"Why have we in the West forgotten our plant allies?" asked the jedi.

"How can we help them to re-member?" asked the young jedi.


Possessed of the madness of the muses,

the jedi set out to alchemize a chile sauce that would contain these superior adaptogen herbs

& help Westerners remember what it means to be human.


The jedi worked on his sauces for 3 years before he was satisfied.


He selected herbs used for centuries or millennia by traditional healers to increase virility.

He puzzled over how to fit an effective dose into such a small serving size.

The jedi collaborated with other herbalists to prepare concentrated extracts of the herbs.

He consulted the literature, tested it on himself and friends. He waited for the reports to come back. He and his wife (also an herbalist and Gryotonic Master) carefully honed each recipe to refine its energetic effect.

He reached back eight thousand years to discover the beginnings of fermentation.

He apprenticed with some of the best modern vegetable fermenters in the US to hone his methods.

He listened to lectures on the microbiology of bacteria to learn the best ways to prepare his chiles.

He traveled all over Northern California seeking out organic chile varieties.


At the end of three years, he had created:

A sauce of profound vitality.

Colors worthy of the painters

Textures admired by the chefs

Flavors and complexities worthy of wine

Names worthy of the poets

Effects worthy of the superior herbs.



“If you cannot face directly into your sexuality, you will never discover your true spirituality. Your earthly spirit leads to discovering your heavenly spirit. Look at what created you to discover what will immortalize you. –Hsi Lai”