Introducing a Formula for a condiment that enhances your vitality.

Created by a Clinical Herbalist with a mission to re-introduce the power and beauty of herbs to the modern world.


Four Ingredients

Organic Chiles

We worked with eight certified organic farms this year and happily paid for their hard work and dedication to providing nourishing food. We use only organic chiles.

Adaptogenic Herbs

Herbs that make us more resilient, adaptable, strong, sexy and smart. Scientists named these superior herbs and fungi Adaptogens because of the way they help us to adapt stressful conditions of any kind. They modulate hormones and enhance immunity. They tone the organism.


Fermented in the highest quality fermentation vessels I can find anywhere in the world. Boosts nutrients, creates healthy bacteria, naturally preserves the chiles for a long, long time.


Red Alaea Clay Salt from Hawaii, Fine Brazilian Sea Salt, Cyprus Salt, and our Local Pacific Sea Salt aids in the fermentation process and provide essential trace minerals.


(△ fermenting chiles)/time + adaptogenic herbs and fungi to make you feel smart, strong and sexy + wife =  Sexí Spice