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Shipping Information


$8 USPS Flat Rate Shipping, 1-3 bottles

$15 4-8 Bottles


Returns & Exchanges

All sales are final.

Refrigerate your bottle.

All food is perishable. So, even though the pH on Sexí Spice all come in under 4 and theoretically nothing can grow in them, with enough oxygen, warm temperatures and time, you will grow things, usually a harmless yeast.

If you open the bottle and fermentation has been active it shoots out and stains your clothes or oozes into the sink, we welcome you to the wild world of fermentation and sympathize with your loss.

Many a time, buying kombucha from some of the best fermenters on the west coast, half of the contents sprayed all over me and my car. I took a shower and mourned my monetary loss, and took it easy the next time I went to open their amazing brew. We encourage you to also embrace the learning curve of dealing with fermented, living food. Your digestive fire will thank you.

If you read this, and still think you really deserve some special exception to this rule, feel free to send me a short note explaining why and we will see if we can work something out.

If USPS broke or otherwise damaged your bottle, we can file a claim.

If we coordinate to replace a bottle, you pay shipping.