Pre-Sale! Symbiohongo: Dancing at the End

Pre-Sale! Symbiohongo: Dancing at the End


Koji fermented Maitake Mushroom sauce. In the style of a shoyu (soy sauce) with no gluten or soy. ~5% salinity, whereas soy is 15% or more.

Profile: Earthy, mushroomy, sweet, umami, salty. Use anywhere one might use shoyu, or add to pastas, tacos, rice dishes, fish, etc.

Benefits: Fermenting mushrooms creates the amino acid glutamate, which both stimulates the appetite and helps the body feel satiated earlier. Maitake helps regulate blood sugar, builds immunity and has very high levels of Vitamin D.

Dancing at the End Ingredients: Maitake mushrooms, koji (rice, aspergillus oryzae), spring water, salt.

Timeline: This Product will be available late July/Early August. Buying this product in advance helps us buy ingredients to keep production in flow. Thank you.

$3 of this purchase is to buy the bottle. Return it to Recetas poetas and we will return the bottle deposit to you.

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